Primary Projects

Sally the Congressperson: Interlocutor Agency Modulates the Role of Subjective Social Beliefs in Linguistic Processes

My first Qualifying Paper at Stanford (advised by Dr. Robert J Podesva & Dr. Judith Degen) is investigating the role of individuals' gender ideology in the processing and production of gender-neutral social role titles, such as congressperson for congress(wo)man. In this paper, I argue that there are two pathways via which gender ideology is incorporated into the linguistic system, and that they vary as a function of the linguistic task and the agency maintained by interlocutors.

You can read the final draft submitted to Stanford as my Qualifying Paper here: Sally the Congressperson

A previous version of this work has been accepted as a talk at CogSci2022, which will be published in the proceedings in the form available under my Publications page.

The Female Voice in Experimental Child Language Acquisition Research Stimuli

This is a passion project borne out of discussions with my good friend and colleague Annie Holtz at the University of Edinburgh. This project engages critically with the standard practice of using cisgender female voices in the process of stimuli creation in experimental work on child language acquisition. More coming soon!

Secondary Projects

Itkonen Structures: Case Variation in Embedded Finish Clauses

I have a small side-project happening with my fellow Stanford PhD student Madelaine O'Reilly-Brown (advised by Arto Anttila and Paul Kiparsky) on the variation of case morphology in Finnish embedded clauses. In the 1970s, Itkonen identified variation between accusative and genitive case in embedded predicative and existential Finnish sentences. Our project replicates this original study, to observe whether or not the genitive has fallen out of use in favor of the accusative- the pattern originally observed 50 years ago.
You can find the GitHub repository for the project here, and a preliminary write-up with data visualization as well.